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The Little Chips Shine
New Energy Saving Sensors
Energy Source of Lights
Ultrasave Linear LED Modules are available in 1,100 lm and 550 lm. Circular boards are available in 3,300 Im, 2,200 Im and 1,100 Im. CCT of 4000K (standard) and also availiable in 3,000K, 3,500K and 5,000K.
Introducing our two new energy saving sensors: Tri-Level Dimming Control Sensor & On/Off Sensor Control.
Ultrasave offers multi output constant current, resistor pre-set constant current, switch selectable constant current, programmable constant current, constant voltage and more LED drivers for 12 / 24 / 36 / 48V and various other voltage for LED systems
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    At Ultrasave, ballasts are our business. We have an extensive range of quality products to meet our customer’s needs, because customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Read more...  

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